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Sundquist Engineering

A Strong Foundation

Since 1990, Sundquist Engineering, P.C. has been building our company’s strong foundation. Throughout this time, we’ve been the source of the planning and development of a great number of projects, all while gaining ever more knowledge and experience.

“Planning is the first and most important step to a successful project. You can trust in our professionals to see you through the process.”

-Steve Sundquist

One of the qualities people have come to know us for is our reliability. Chances are you, too, have come to rely on our work without even knowing it. Things you may have taken for granted - that bridge you cross going to work, the water your family uses everyday, or the traffic lights which keep the town moving.

We hope you will choose us to work with you on your next project. We understand other options exist, but we know we can bring the necessary experience and professionalism to successfully complete your important project.

Our staff takes pride in the work they do and the expertise they possess. One look at our long history of engineering will reveal an impressive list of accomplishments. Yet, of all the things we’ve been involved in building, we’re most proud of the relationships we’ve built along the way.

Unrivaled Experience

When you’re deciding something as essential as the planning and design of your project, there’s nothing more important than knowing you have selected a certified and experienced team of engineers and technicians.

Every team member at Sundquist Engineering, P.C. has been chosen because of their knowledge and commitment to professionalism. We’re looking forward to your next project.